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  • Original something anyway.

    Rush is vile. He can pick a good topic to talk about on his chat show he can sometimes make a good point and his in his own right rather interesting. This doesn't outweight the fact that he is twisted and vile. I couldn't carless about his politics or how mine differ and why I think he's wrong. Rush is a verbal-thug who entertainment value can be equated to a witch hunt or a stoning. He's a bully and his PC-rebellion is a back-door escape for his own prejudices. I dont dislike consevative talk show personalities, I listen watch and read them more than those who toot my points of view. O'Reilly and Savage are personal favorites, I think thier wrong on a lot of stuff or out of order, but overall It's no worse than the other side, such as another favorite George Galloway. Rush However is just plain nasty.

    I can imagine people might wonder why I dont accuse Savage of the same after his many outragoue statements. There is a big difference but I wont go into it here too deeply ;)

    Rush unlike those mentioned and even the likes of Coulter or Rudov is utterly cruel; theres only on point to his controversial statements, because he wants to be nasty. The other have conviction in thier beliefs and thier anger is not about who a person is, but thier actions, Rush getting mileage off playing a song called "Barack the magic...." is wrong. How he attacks whole groups of society based on extreme sterotypes is cleverly done - When he remebers he will make a distinction, but the stress remains on the sterotype he deliberatly puts the implicit idea in your head that the people who aren't White straight Christain Conservative and tradtionalist, are mostly bad news. Naturally Rush picks on the sections in society that are easiest to get people to dislike. Its nasty.

    Ive gave in 2/10 because he can be mildly interesting, but he is one person I generally like to avoid, and cant wait to hear the day that he's out of public life.