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  • House is a great show, except the episode where he incurs a brain injury is referred to as a "head" injury and further misleads the public.

    I am one of the thousands of brain-injured people in the U.S. and wish the media would stop referring to brain injuries as "head injuries." Not only does it downplay the actual results of what happens in the 9% of Americans that have to live with the debilitating effects from their brain injuries resulting from either: car wrecks, sports injuries, strokes, lack of oxygen, getting hit in the head, or one of the many other fashions a brain injury is incurred, but it lends the public to view every brain injury as being temporary, when in fact most cases of this "invisible handicap" have permanent medical problems resulting in one or more of these areas: decreased IQ, behavior problems, epilepsy, memory problems, physical problems, and a myriad of other nonworking bodies' organs due to the brains inability to communicate properly anymore with those organs. Nor is the changed brain chemistry and damage to the various lobes of the brain revealed in the media. This has gotten more press coverage since returning veterans of the war have suffered brain injuries, but in sports, particularly football, concussions are never referred to as brain injuries, despite the fact that is what they are, and in action movies children are led to believe people suffer no ill effects after getting rammed by a car, hit in the head, etc. I, myself, didn't know what a brain-injury was until I was rammed by a gravel truck while I was 16-years-old and now, 14 years later, after having to reteach the remaining healthy areas of my brain to use my paralyzed left side, undergoing brain surgery and having a Vegus Nerve Stimulator implanted to halt my seizures, I still must take 15-16 pills daily with an injection of a hormone my pituitary gland no longer produces for various medical issues ranging from epilepsy, to Potassium defiency, to Vitamin D defiency, to elevated cholesterol production, to high blood pressure, ALL because my brain rattled around in my skull when I got hit by that truck, hence the term, "brain" injury! I'm considered a highly functioning brain-injured individual, despite being cognizant that along with the afore-mentioned handicaps, I must also live with my now decreased IQ and inability to ever drive again, which, with the cost of gas, may not be a bad thing, though. BUT, not only can I not become a doctor as I was planning pre-brain injury due to my short-term memory deficits, now women want nothing to do with me, since I'm "handicapped." So, once again, I wish the media would refer to brain injuries as "brain" injuries and not "head" injuries on TV and in the movies, as well as more accurately portraying the results of injuries.moreless