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  • Russell you were great in the show. I hope to watch you win tonite. I am an old oilfield engineer from the 80's If you need employees, I am looking for work. Tex

    Russell you were absolutely great. I hope tonight you bring home the million.I have been impressed with your ploy and coyness. The show has had many winners but you are by far the best player I have seen and I have seen every episode of survivor.I believe the fact that you have been successful in the oil industry have helped you in the game. Man if you do not win I will be totally disappointed. From one fellow Texan to another I hope you have kicked butt and asked names later. If you need an employee in your oilfield company I am available. I am an experienced engineer from the 80's and 90'

  • He may be a jerk but he's entertaining!

    The guy may be 5'6 but don't let that fool you. He may ber a jerk true. But also he knows how to entertain and play the game right. He may be a sexist but at least he is saving Natalie from getting thrown off and is closer to her. And has had a great relationship with Shambo. But he is probably going to end up being the most entertaining Survivor villian, in fact, all-time reality tv villian of all time. That we have ever seen. He is lying and cheating. But just when you thought that he was out. Not one but two, the second hidden immunity idol that saved him, spared him. And his tribe and knocked the cocky attitude off Galu away. Entertaining jerk but in a good kind of way!
  • As someone properly said on,"Without Russell, my life would feel empty.It would be a hollow shell, as though my soul left me. I love him".

    Probably the best Survivor player ever. He not only finds two hidden immunity idols with no clue whatsoever(up to the 9th episode of Survivor 19) but he also has social skills, he manages to asses who is write and can be an asset and has no shame or problem in playing the game and lying people. He manages to eliminate very difficult players and his actions are swift and unexpected. He should-and deserves to-win Survivor for his outstanding gaming and fooling people as to avoiding his intentions.
    Survivor is like an open book for Russell, and his a determined individual as to taken the right actions to win.