Russell Peters

Russell Peters


Brampton, Ontario

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Russell Peters


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Russell Peters was born to Eric and Maureen Peters, not knowing what talent he had. Russell Peters in a top-touring Canadian comedian, known world-wide by his millions of fans. Russell grew up with his mother and father, and his brother Clayton Peters. As a child growing up in…more


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  • This is a truly funny man!

    Again, I appreciate and am amazed by comedians who can be utterly un-PC and still manage not to offend! This guy is a master and I love it!

    I love that he can, and does make fun of everyone; that no one and nothing about any of us is sacred in his act. And he's right. We're all a mess; deal with it!

    I first saw Russell some years ago on the gala stage at The Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, and his take on being raised in Canada in an Anglo-Indian home still makes me laugh. His take on Canadian homes and their outlooks was even more memorable.

    Russell Peter's "Red, White and Brown" is one of only two comedy DVD's I have EVER bought, the other being the equally irreverant Lewis Black, and it gets borrowed by friends as much or more than any movies I have.

    Funny, intelligent man with a really great career ahead. I just hope that if he accepts a TV sitcom deal as so many comedians do, he makes sure it's as intelligent as his stand-up comedy. I would be very disappointed if he copped-out at this stage...moreless