Russell Porter (II)

Russell Porter (II)

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    • Russell also appeared briefly in Eastenders (UK soap) in 1996 as a boyfriend of Sharron. He has also stopped acting now and he works as a training consultant these days for large corporations and organisations.

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  • One of the best stars I have seen it saddens me to learn that he has left acting

    We had seven years of brilliant work from Russell its so sad that we have now lost him from the profession from the very first episode he played a "normal" gay man, full of insecurities and foibles. In my opinion he created a character well ahead of its time and made my decade All the series were filled with little moments that just added up to a full concept that just had you hooked into watching just to see what he would say or do next, he always had the little look or comment that you just knew you would have said in the same circumstancesmoreless