Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons


10/4/1957, Queens, New York, USA

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Russell Simmons There is one thing that I can say about Russell Simmons "Intelligent." It is motivating to many individuals to see an African American pave the way for others, but especially in the hip hop community. "I have been inspired by Russell to be a young black…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Russell beagan to produce the groundbreaking series Def Comedy Jam for HBO in 1991.

    • Russell's wedding to Kimora Lee was performed by his brother, Joe (Rev Run).

    • Russell was voted the world's 'Sexiest Vegeterian' in 2002 by PETA.

    • Russell turned the story of the founding of Def Jam Records into a movie called Krush Groove in 1988. Blair Underwood played Russell, Rick Rubin, and Run DMC played themselves.

    • Russell appeared in the music video for Jay-Z's "Change Clothes".

    • Russell appeared in the music video for Aaliyah's "Miss You".

    • Russell is a vegan and a vegeterian, who took a stance against Kentucky Fried Chicken and Factory Farms, for the cruel way they kill their animals.

    • Russell's hit HBO series, Def Comedy Jam was made into a Broadway show.

    • Russell sold his share of Def Jam Records in 1999, to Universal Music Group for 100 million dollars.

    • Russell practies Yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation to stay centered and relaxed.

    • Russell expanded Def Jam Records, to include both clothing lines, Def Comedy Jam television productions, magazine, advertisements, and Def Jam Movies. The new conglomerate was renamed Rush Communications.

    • Russell was left as the CEO of Def Jam Records, after Rick Rubin left in 1988.

    • Russell called for a boycott on Pepsi products after the corporation hired Ludacris on as a spokesperson, then fired him, due to a rant issued by Bill O'Reilly, admonishing his obscene lyrics. Russell was shocked when the Pepsi CEO's decided to replace Ludacris with Ozzy Osbourne, a star with an equally, if not worse language habits.

    • Russell turned the responsibilities of running 'Baby Phat' over to his future wife, former model Kimora Lee.

    • Russell branched out into a men's clothing line, in 1992, calling it 'Phat Farm'. Once that venture took off, he added the women's apparrel, calling their line 'Baby Phat'.

    • Russell was a hustler growing up, and he got involved with the street gangs in New York. It was when he found talented artists, he turned his interests elsewhere.

    • Russell and Rick signed major talent to their music label, including: Run DMC, LL Cool J, Oran Juice Jones, and Public Enemy.

    • Russell teamed up with Rick Rubin in 1984 to form Def Jam Records.

    • Russell went to City College of New York to study sociology, but left early to promote rap artists and club acts.

  • Quotes

    • Russell: My little girls are the most beautiful women in the world. I am a lucky, lucky man. I will spend every day making sure that they know this.

  • I think dat Russell Simmons is one a tha most of tha chain ppl in tha world.He a great family man and rich,hardworking,rich,intelligent,and did i say rich......He is really tha kind a person you look up to and want to become someday.He is really...somethimoreless

    Russell Simmons is a great person. Very intellegent.Very hardworking. Very unique and stands out as one of the more succecful people in the music buisness. Very succecful. A great artist. Amazing father. Writer and song writer an so on. Just wanna let errrr one know dat he is off da chain. Fa sho.Fa life.