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  • Russell Tovey

    I think to begin with, Russell's character took alittle bit to get into. However when we saw what it was like for his character's back ground, that is where I felt like half way through season one is where he really shown his skill as an actor. Just think of all the different types of ways he had to express himself to create this character when he was on camera for "Being Human". I give him a ten for everything he brought to "Being Human"
  • The gorgeous Russell Tovey

    Ok girls look out for mr Russell Tovey.

    He was born on Nov 14th 1981 in Essex and has starred in a quite a few tv shows but it is his role as George in Being Human that shows his full potential and shows just how hot he is. If u want an actor who has charm, innocence but raw sexiness then Russell is your man.

    He has a beautiful smile and for all the ladies who wants to know yes he does get naked! Quite a few times in Being Human.

    So lets make his fan base huge!#

    Russell we love you!