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  • Trivia

    • July 2009, Russell will attend ComicCon in San Diego with his Being Human co-star Leonora Crichlow and Aidan Turner and creator Toby Whithouse in order to promote the series for American audiences.

    • In 2009 Russell read an abridged versions of the Doctor Who books The Doctor Trap and The Eyeless.

    • In 2008 Russell recorded a commentary with Murray Gold and Peter Bennett for the episode Voyage Of The Damned for the Season Four DVD boxset of Doctor Who.

    • Russell's Doctor Who character Midshipman Frame was originally slated to return in the episode The Stolen Earth and Journey's End but the actor had prior commitments so he was unable to reprise the role.

    • Russell also came in at Number 94 for Sexiest Male in a 2008 poll gay media website Afterelton. In 2009, he ranked in at Number 38.

    • Russell appeared in The Laramie Project in the Sound Theatre in London in 2005.

    • In 2003, Russell had the role of Boy in Henry V at the Olivier Theatre and Royal National Theatre in London.

    • In 2003 and 2004 Russell played the role of Roger in His Dark Materials at the Olivier Theatre and Royal National Theatre in London.

    • In 2005 and 2006 Russell played the role of Tintan in Herge's Adventures Of Tintan at the Barbican Arts centre in London.

    • In 2003 Russell played the role of Ralph Sweeney in His Girl Friday at the Olivier Theatre and Royal National Theatre in London.

    • Russell appeared in the 2000 movie Anchor Me playing the role of Young Nathan.

    • Russell admits to having no interest in cooking and being quite bad at it.

    • In 2007, Russell played the Groom in Bretch's A Respectable Wedding at the Young Vic theatre in London.

    • Russell credits The History Boys as the piece of work he is the most proud.

    • Russell has featured in three different projects with fellow actor James Cordon. In 2006 they were both in The History Boys and in 2007 both of them have appeared in the same episodes of Annually Retentive and Gavin And Stacy.

    • In January 2008 Russell appeared in a play called The Sea at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket.

    • He is an openly gay actor.

    • In 2004 he played the character of Rudge in The History Boys. He would then play the same character in a movie version of the play, which was released in 2006.

  • Quotes

    • Russell: (on appearing in Doctor Who's The End Of Time): Um, what were we saying? Being invited back. Yeah, very proud. Well, it might be my last scene ever in Doctor Who but I'm very proud of Midshipman Frame and what he's achieved.

    • Russell Tovey: (on the rumour of him being the next Doctor): It's just a fantastic compliment that's been blown up. It's wonderful b****cks, really! It hasn't done me any harm at all. The night before [it came out], he texted me saying 'I made a comment about you being the 11th Doctor, which would be brilliant. Sorry if you get any hassle. I said 'That's cool'. Then it's everywhere. I was getting texts from everyone, and Facebook groups - well, there's only three members - but there's a Facebook group called 'I'd be furious if Russell Tovey replaces David Tennant as the Doctor'. They were all kind of bitchy. I never go on forums either but I did this time.

    • Russell Tovey: (On his character in Ashes To Ashes): I play a recovering rent boy called Marcus Johnstone in episode five. His sugar daddy, the guy who looks after him, is involved in loads of serious crime, and Marcus is kind of blinkered to it. Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes) knows she can get through to him and protect him, but also knows she can get information from him. The costumes are great. I looked like Jimmy Somerville! I had on really, really tight jeans, a little hat, Tintin quiff, and really hideous clothes. Brilliant.

    • Russell Tovey: The most surprising thing that happened to me was going on an impromptu mini jog with Dustin Hoffman around Central Park in New York. He had come to see The History Boys when we were performing it on Broadway last summer. I bumped into him in the morning outside his building. He told me I was the best thing in the show and invited me to jog with him. I was so stunned I couldn't remember a thing he said.

    • Russell Tovey: There was a scene where I was naked by a bridge and all these tourists were walking past – I was covered in dirt and blood, so I hope they realised I was filming and not just some sort of pervert. A little old lady came up to me on set and said: "You're the one who's being running around Bristol naked aren't you? I've heard all about you." I'm well known in Bristol now you know!

    • (When asked if he has a fan of werewolf movies)
      Russell Tovey: I loved Teen Wolf and American Werewolf In Paris – I like stuff like that! I'm not a massive fan of heavy Hammer horror films – I like The Gremlins, that's about as hardcore horror as I get.

    • (On playing George in Being Human)
      Russell Tovey: George just wants to be normal, so he's a bit wary of her. For 12 or so days of the year, he's a werewolf, so for the rest of the time, he just wants to live like a regular person. George and Mitchell are trying to get some normality into their lives by getting a flat together and, when they get there, the house has got a ghost! When they arrived, she tried to haunt them out, so George was angry that she felt she had the right to scare them out of their own home. He soon realises that they need her and she becomes a friend. After all, he needs all the friends he can get. He's a social animal – if you'll excuse the pun, so to have a relationship with someone who understands the curse he has to live with is a bonus. He can relax and stop worrying about his big secret.

    • Russell Tovey: In moments of weakness I get bad adrenalin shakes. I'm not very good at confrontation. Romantically, in my head, I'm Rambo, but if someone's shouting at me I get adrenalin shakes and go red. When I'm really low I have a good cry.

    • (On what he wouldn't do in acting)
      Russell Tovey: I wouldn't do full sex in a film. I don't see a need for it. The whole point of acting is showing the essence of it without actually doing it. You don't need to see my penis entering an arsehole or a vagina.

    • (On a certain part of his body)
      Russell Tovey: A common misperception of me is that I've got big ears. I've actually got quite small ears, it's just that they stick out.

    • (On getting to meet and work with Kylie in Doctor Who)
      Russell Tovey: Of course. She's fabulous, really sweet. I like her but I'm not a massive, massive fan, so when I met her I wasn't like all the queens around the room going 'Oh My God!' There was so much security on set. Everyone had to have wristbands, everything was cordoned off, she was covered up when she got out the car, but I don't think that's her. She seemed really normal and down to earth.

    • (On his hometown)
      Russell Tovey: I wish people would take more notice of the beauty of Essex. I'm from Billericay and some people think Essex is just one big shopping centre. We've had some bad people representing it, like Jodie Marsh. But parts of Essex are beautiful and full of history.

    • (On his philosophy in life)
      Russell Tovey: In a nutshell, my philosophy is this - Make sure there's a solid unit in your life and make sure you protect and look after it. The rest of your life should seem simple.

    • (When asked if he happens to be a dark person)
      Russell Tovey: No. I think I'm alright, I think I'm a happy chappy.

    • (On being asked what kind of characters he is interested in playing)
      Russell Tovey: I want to play really dark, fucked up characters ... drag queens, rent boys, someone who has been abused, a rapist.

    • (On his role in the forthcoming series Being Human)
      Russell Tovey: I've just done a pilot in late 2007 for a drama series called Being Human which is about a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire sharing a flat. I play the werewolf, although I'm not hairy in real life. I had to buff up for the role because I spend the first few minutes fully naked. Well I cover my balls, but you see my bum a lot

    • (On the reaction of his uniform with fellow cast members on Doctor Who)
      Russell Tovey: Oh yeah. I'm getting far more attention from both sexes. A few people have pinched my arse. I've got about six phone numbers. No, that's not true. Everyone on set is probably bored of it. But I've taken a picture on my phone, so I'll send that out to prospective dates and sees what happens. It's all very nice if people find me attractive but I've never met anyone who's thought of me as a pin-up yet.

    • (On how what he would expect of an action of his Doctor Who character)
      Russell Tovey: No, the whole lot should come off! Removable clothes. I'm aiming for the gay market.

    • (On how he feels about the gay following Doctor Who has)
      Russell Tovey: Oh God, definitely. I've love to get my hands on the TARDIS. This show has quite a gay following, doesn't it? I told a couple of mates, who are gay that I'm doing it - well they went mad. When I said it was with Kylie, they exploded! It's a double-whammy of gay.

    • (On his character Midshipman Frame surviving in Doctor Who)
      Russell Tovey: No, cos it means that I can back as a companion! If Russell writes, I'll do it. No question. You don't say no to a Russell T Davies script. Yeah, a gay companion. 'Ooh, it's big in here! Bigger on the inside, innit? How about some curtains?