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Rusty Joiner

Rusty Joiner


12/11/1972, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Birth Name

Jason Russell Joiner


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    He's got a film due out in 2009 (I'm guessing close to Christmas because of the theme of the film) called Last Ounce of Courage. There is a trailer available on line. Not a huge part, but it looks like more screen time than he's had so far! Can't wait to see more of him!
  • The next tv/movie star!!

    Rusty is going to be the next great actor that you see all over the television and movie screens. He already graces the most covers for Men\'s Fitness! Rusty not only has that \"look\", but has the personality to back it up. He is more than a fitness model. Rusty is the guy you would want to be representing your product, endorsing your \"cause\" and the list goes on and on. Rusty has done multiple modeling jobs and over recent years has done commercials, co-starred on prime tv shows, and has appeared in major movies such as \"Dodgeball\". He is on the verge of that \"next\" major role. In fact, every time I watch \"Entourage\" on HBO I could easily see Rusty as the lead.moreless