Ruth England






Birth Name

Ruth England




After college, she spent several months with the Iban tribe in the Borneo Jungle. During that time, she immersed herself in village life, sleeping in a traditional wooden long house with 47 other members of the tribe!

England first learned the television business at a local cable news station in the United Kingdom. She was later recruited to read the daily national news by one of the UK's major television networks. Since then, she has pursued a successful freelance television career in England and the United States. For three years, she was host of Wish You Were Here, one of England's top travel shows. In addition, she traveled around the world as a reporter for the National Geographic Channel's Explorer's Journal. She also has hosted various game shows, reality shows and talk shows.

England was born in a rural village in Worcestershire, England, and studied filmmaking at the University of Westminster in London. She currently resides in that city with her husband, Myke.