Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams


11/5/1974, Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA

Birth Name

David Ryan Adams


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Ryan Adams is an alt-country and rock and roll singer/songwriter from Jacksonville, North Carolina. Adams dropped out of high school at 16 to work in a shoe shop and make music. He formed a band named Whiskeytown in 1994; they disbanded in 1999. Adams went on to put…more


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    • Has been known to frequent his own fan-created sites and message boards, and while there post very long and ramblin' messages.

    • He has been in many bands over the years, such as, "Blank Label," "The Patty Duke Syndrome," "Whiskeytown" and "The Finger."

    • Instead of just playing with a backing band, Ryan prefers to name them, and give them billing on show flyers, posters and promotion materials. They include, "The Pink Hearts," "The LAX," "The Sweetheart Revolution," "The Ryan Adams Killers" and "The Cardinals."

    • On his album, "Gold" he thanks Alanis Morrisette five seperate times.

    • Ryan has stated that his album 'Gold' is a love letter to Los Angeles and the lose of his ex-girlfriend, Winona Ryder.

      He has also said it is an concept album about the 70s radio. Each song should have a different 70s feel about it.

    • Ryan stated in an interview during the press for his album 'Rock N Roll' his previous albums were suppose to represent decades. 'Heartbreaker' being the Singer/Songwriter 60s album. 'Gold' being the 70s rock record. 'Demolition' being the 80s record. Finally, 'Rock N Rock' being the 90s rock album.

    • Has had high profile relationship/flings with Winona Rider, Beth Orton, Parker Posey, Alanis Morissette, Minnie Driver and even Lindsay Lohan.

    • Started his own record label, "Paxamerican Limited" but so far, thier only releases are three colored .45s from him, that he sells at his shows and on his online store. They are, "The Rescue Blues," "Now That You're Gone," & "California."

    • Toured in 2005 with, "Phil Lesh & Friends" in which Ryan sang and played mainly Grateful Dead songs with the Grateful Dead bassist, and a revolving door of other musicians. As of 2006, he was still doing on and off gigs with them.

    • Played guitar in a punk band called, "The Finger" with Jesse Malin, and several others. They have released an album, but Ryan did none of the singing.

    • While taking vicodin for a tooth abscess, Ryan recorded the "Strokes – This Is It?" cover album on a 4-track recorder. He later told the band that he would never release it, because "it'd be like riding their coat tails. To me that would be stealing their thunder.

    • On January, 22nd 2004 in Liverpool Ryan fell off the stage during his performance of "Shadowlands" breaking his wrist, and causing him to cancel the rest of the tour. He later said he had to, "Re-learn how to play the guitar" because of that incident.

    • During a Nashville show at the Grand Ol' Orpy, Adams ejected a fan who jokingly requested the song "Summer of 69" (written and performed by Bryan Adams) on October 14, 2002. According to an interview with Pitchfork, Adams later explained that he was upset with the disrespect of a fan's Bryan Adams-related screams during a three-part harmony between Adams, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, and the fact he was screamin' about BRYAN Adams.

    • Leaving a drunken message on Jim Derogatis' answering machine in response to the critic's review of his concert. This has subsequently been leaked onto the Internet. Although initially viewed as a rather irresponsible act, the message has now become something of a touchstone for those irked by the current state of musical criticism. Derogatis felt the impact of the confrontation through a backlash against his work and heavy criticism of his methodology and style.

    • Although Adams is not personally involved, his label's parent company, Universal Music Group, is engaged with the FBI and the United States Attorney's Office in prosecuting the first arrests on violation of the prerelease copyright provision law passed in 2005. The law makes it a federal offense to release copyrighted music before its scheduled time without permission of the copyright holder. Two separate individuals, one in Wisconsin and one in Tennesse, were charged on March 18, 2006, for posting portions of Jacksonville City Nights on a message board forum in September 2005, shortly before its release.

    • Has 4 proper albums that were not released: Exile On Franklin Street - (2000); Destroyer - (2000); The Suicide Handbook - (2001); 48 Hours - (2001); along with many different sessions that have produced many many other unreleased recordings of Ryan's.

    • Ryan shares a birthday with both Gram Parsons, one of his major musical influences, and his near-namesake Bryan Adams.

    • The Old 97's song "Crash on the Barrelhead" is supposed to be about Adams being drunk at their Austin City Limits perfomance.

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