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  • If thay were two White Guys this would have never have happen,,he would have ask "do you need any help",and drove off...Now i know why people complane about RACIAL PROFILE,,I've been pulled over,,But never did A cop do what this guy didmoreless

    ,I hope the guy got off,? MR AYERS is very out of shape,,This guy is going to get somebody killed,,ether BECAUSE he Can't back up his partner or he see someone smokeing a "MARY,JANE" i say MARYJANE because that the TIME ZONE he should live in,when the blacks were made to sit in the back of the bus,,,i have alot of respect for COPS,,But this guy is why people give cops a hard time,,Hopfuly he dos'nt get some other cop killed,,,The best part ,was when he tryed to jump over the fence or should I say crawl over,. that was very very funny I almost pee Myself..........docdolittle...moreless