Ryan Buell

Ryan Buell


Corry, Pennsylvania

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Ryan Buell


  • Penn State's Paranormal Research Society.
  • Penn State's Paranormal Research Society.
  • Penn State's Paranormal Research Society.
  • Penn State's Paranormal Research Society.
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Ryan Buell was born Corry, Pennsylvania, but was raised in Sumter, South Carolina by his mother, Shelly. Ryan's father, Tim, is a state police officer in Pennsylvania.

A participater in many school activities, Buell was the editor of his school paper, was on the debate team, and…more


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    • Buell: I had to fight the age-thing my entire career in the paranormal--I'm still fighting it. No one wanted to hear what I'm saying, because I'm 24.

    • Buell: PRS will exist beyond the university at some level [...] I think we can take it with us, maybe make it national. I think we will all continue to be involved it in if we all choose to be.

    • Buell: I want people to realize that there's a very human element to the paranormal. It's not all about finding cool evidence.

    • Buell: I don't see the paranormal as the end-all of my career, but I want to contribute to it. I want to get people talking about it.

    • Buell: We're there to help the families, whether it's paranormal or not.

    • Buell: There are so many people who have had experiences. I wanted to give them a show that honored those experiences; to show people they're not alone.

    • Buell: I don't believe we take part in seances. When we do Dead Time, for example, we're not trying to conjure anything up or bring anything in. We're trying to communicate with something that's supposedly already there.

    • Buell: I'm a Catholic, but I'm also a researcher. My Catholic viewpoints don't necessarily reflect the viewpoints of society or the clients.

    • Buell: Working on a TV show has made us more professional.

    • Buell: If you want to get into that field, God bless you, you need to be helping people, not trying to do this for the glory, the fame, because right off the bat, you are working against what you're trying to do. Demonology is about helping people. It is honestly a charitable task that you do.

    • Buell: True charity: doing something for someone you don't know at all, with nothing to gain.

    • Buell: We treat each case like a mystery that needs to be solved.

    • (why he formed The Paranormal Research Society)
      Buell: I wanted answers [...] this is what I'm meant to do.

    • Buell: Questions, comments, concerns, harassments?

  • Big Fan of the show

    I really enjoyed Bryan while he was on the show Paranormal State. He really pushed the group to investigate the situation of the unknown. I was very impressed with some the stories of these families and businesses, they came across with the paranormal and the unknown. I also learned things about the paranormal that I never thought about before. I never had an experience with the paranormal, but was always intrigued about people who have experienced something paranormal. I hope Bryan is doing well, since he became ill with cancer. Hope to have him around a little longer, so hang in there Bryan. I will be praying for you. Also, I hope he can continue to teach more young people about the paranormal. If not through the university, maybe helping other people to teach more about the paranormal. Definitely a fan of Paranormal State, it has really intrigued me and opened my eyes to the paranormal. Marilyn G. of Californiamoreless