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  • Big Fan of the show

    I really enjoyed Bryan while he was on the show Paranormal State. He really pushed the group to investigate the situation of the unknown. I was very impressed with some the stories of these families and businesses, they came across with the paranormal and the unknown. I also learned things about the paranormal that I never thought about before. I never had an experience with the paranormal, but was always intrigued about people who have experienced something paranormal. I hope Bryan is doing well, since he became ill with cancer. Hope to have him around a little longer, so hang in there Bryan. I will be praying for you. Also, I hope he can continue to teach more young people about the paranormal. If not through the university, maybe helping other people to teach more about the paranormal. Definitely a fan of Paranormal State, it has really intrigued me and opened my eyes to the paranormal. Marilyn G. of California