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    This is gonna be a huge spoiler for those of you that are still watching Bones 4th-5th-6th serie. So watch out, you lazy followers.

    +++++++++++++++SPOILER 3+++++++++++++++

    +++++++++++++++SPOILER 2+++++++++++++++

    +++++++++++++++SPOILER 1+++++++++++++++

    +++++++++++++++SPOILER GO!+++++++++++++++

    I'm no actress so I'm just judging this by a watcher's point of view:I believe that Vincent's death was one of the most intense and heart-breaking performances I've ever seen. It just left me shocked. It all happened pretty fast: fast enough to be believable and not one of those "i have to say a few words before i die" scenes, but still slow enough to feel the pain and the tragicalness of what was happening (and maybe going "this can't be happening" like i did). A really well-acted scene, in my opinion. Great work Mr. Cartwright!

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