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  • Mr. Nigel-Murray

    I really loves this guy.. Kind of smart (but not as smart as Bones in anthropology and bones) that knows everything.. His scattered mind while trying to focus is kinda cute for me.. :)

    And also I love his accent.. Kind of cute also specially when Hodgins said "Every time i heard lover (in English accent), its kind of creepy"

    I do like him.. and wish can see him more in the latest season of bones
  • Well he is very, very cute!

    I have never seen him before, but i discovered him on bones. Doing a little research i discovered that he has already played a lot of parts. He is already 28, but he looks much jonger, to be honest he is jummy. I am a total sucker for the british accent and the black hair. And did i mention the blue eyes?

    He is, as shown, a very good actor, he had a lot off diffent acting jobs and was briliant on all of them, to be honest, he is becoming my favorite actor ever.

    I think they should give him the role of assistant on bones, he is the only one that could take Zach's place.