Ryan Conferido

Ryan Conferido


6/13/1983, Downey, California

Birth Name

Ryan Daniel Conferido


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Ryan Conferido was born June 13, 1983 into a strict religious household that discouraged dance. He taught himself impressive breakdancing moves in high school, and around the age of 19 started to dance as he realized that his breakdancing had a lack of actual dance profession. In 2005…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ryan's partners while on So You Think You Can Dance? include Melissa Vella, Snow Urbin, and Melody Lacayanga.

    • Ryan thinks that his friends would be surprised to know that he dances to mainstream hip hop.

    • Ryan's personal goal in life is to make the music that he composes last forever, even when he dies, and become classical enough to recycle itself through the generations to come.

    • Ryan says that people are usually surprised when they see him play the piano the way he does, and that people are very surprised to know that he has never tried to do drugs or drink alcohol.

    • Ryan lists that if he could have one other talent than dancing, then he would be able to sing.

    • The toughest obstacle in his life was making it in So You Think You Can Dance, because he says that he is very bad and inexperienced in remembering choreography.

    • Another talent Ryan has besides dancing is playing songs by ear or soul on the piano.

    • Ryan's proudest moment in life was climbing out of a terrible car crash in the middle of the night, and making it out alive.

    • Ryan's lucky charm is a gray rubber band that he always wears on his left wrist, and it says Music= Life.

    • Ryan's hero in life is his dad.

    • Ryan's favorite male dancers are Mike Burn, and Ray Basa. His favorite female dancer is Cheryl M. Koo.

    • Ryan started dancing around the age of 19.

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