Ryan Corr

Ryan Corr


1/15/1989, Melbourne, Australia

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Ryan Corr


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Ryan started his acting career at the age of thirteen with the Film Opraholic. His first television performance was on The Sleepover Club with a supporting role as Mattew McDougal. Later on, after filming The Sleepover Club he got a lead role as Sheng Zamett on Silversun. Soon…more


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    • Ryan Corr: (Talking about his character Sheng on Silver Sun) Sheng is the more sensitive and humourous of the three guys and has a soft spot for Pancha. He asks her out all the time, but gets shut down because Pancha says she's too busy working. Lots of misinterpretations!

  • Ryan Corr is like the hottest guy in the whole entire Australia, to me. He was in Sleepover Club, then Silver Sun and noe the second episode of Blue Water High.moreless

    He is such a good looking actor and he's a good teen actor. I hope he wins this year's Blue Water High Competition. I love watching him surf and i hate seeing him with Amy in the show. They are a good couple on camera though. He's so hot! I'm in love with him, and I always fantasise about him all the time. people go to me: "What are you thinking about?"

    I go: "Who do you think? Ryan Corr!"

    LOL..That's how obsessed i am about him! Ryan, Ryan, Ryan... cutie, cutie, cutie..........................

    You's think he was a model, by the way i was describing him LOL!moreless