Ryan Dunn





6/11/1977 , Medina, Ohio



Birth Name

Ryan Dunn




It all started when he was very young, riding his bike... one flip over the handlebars later and he had his first injury: a broken cheekbone. He would later break his wrist while trying to work on a truck that wasn't secured in place and started rolling down the driveway. And this was before his spot on Jackass. Being born in Ohio, he grew up in West Chester, PA and would end up meeting Bam Margera in high school and being in his productions of CKY, CKY2K, and CKY3. And even with impressive past credits his biggest claim to fame was Jackass. His most painful Jackass moment? "They put me in a boxing ring with Steve-o (Jackass co-star) and too much booze in me, and he punched me in the head in such a way that I threw up all over the place. I was already dizzy so when he nailed me, it just screwed me up and I just couldn't stop puking, it was awful."