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  • He remind's me of me,as he has a dry humor which steal's the show every time,his joke's are usually insulting his friend's of viva la bam and jackass.Ialway's feel sorry for him especiall when bam wrecked his custom made bike,in all Ryan Dunn is a Legend.

    Ryan Dunn is a crazy,dry humor,comic,amazing funny guy who's lazyness make's me laugh every time.And for the only one,he has his own life on viva la bam as well as bam's.Dunn is the type of guy your parent's tell you not to hang with but you do it anyway.As i said in the summary he steal's the show everytime on viva la bam,and if one thing is definite about his is that he deserver's far more.And in all honesty i hope and would'nt be surpried if some day there will be a show call Dunn Day's,following the life of Ryan Dunn,the world's Greatest Legend