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    • Ryan: (On his character in 90210) He's just out of college and comes from a very moneyed background himself, a similar kind of town on the east coast. He got completely into drugs and was kind of a wild child and now he's turned around and wants to show these kids that there's a bigger world out there outside of Beverly Hills. I know he'll be involved with a student-she comes to me for support because she thinks I'm the only one who understands her. I try and keep it professional at first. I don't know where it goes from there.

    • Ryan: (When asked if he's excited about the buzz 90210 has created) I'm not excited at all; I'm just bored with it. Just bored. (Laughs.) No, I'm kidding. It's tremendously overwhelming. It's like living in some weird bubble or cocoon of 90210 all the time. It's exciting, but probably more nerve-wracking than anything.

    • Ryan: (About his favorite part of 90210) I like getting the chance to play an outsider. My character is not one of the kids, and he's not one of the adults. He's 24 years old, kind of unsure of where he fits in. And he doesn't belong in Beverly Hills. He's very sarcastic and makes fun of the Beverly Hills scene a little bit. It's fun to play someone like that, someone who's a bit of a loner.

    • Ryan: (On who 90210 is going to appeal to) Of course the target is women. But I think that the show is going to appeal to guys in high school. You got super hot chicks on the show, for one thing, who are wearing clothes that might be revealing from time to time. If I was a guy in high school, I would tune in to check out the girls. I also think that guys will relate to the male characters on the show, because they're really cool. One character is on a lacrosse team, two of the main male characters are heavily into sports. And then there's a character who's a theater student. There's another who's half-nerd, half-cool, and he appeals to creative kids. There are a lot of characters you'll be able to relate to and find common ground with.

    • Ryan: (On his character in 90210) He really wants to instill in the kids some sense of character. More than wanting his students to read a book, he wants them to see life outside of Beverly Hills. His attitude is more unorthodox than his teaching methods, though. He sometimes speaks his mind when it's inappropriate. He doesn't live up to the expectations of a high school teacher, doesn't confine himself to the rules.

    • Ryan: (On if he watched Beverly Hills 90210) I can't lie; I didn't watch it that much, mainly because I was 6 in 1991 and because I was a guy, a young boy. I don't think I was quite their demographic. I was more addicted to Saved by the Bell and desperately wanted to be Zack Morris. So, I wasn't an avid watcher of the original 90210, but now I've got numerous seasons on DVD, which at some point I'll watch. But, truth be told, I don't really want to watch a lot of the old shows. It's nice to distance yourself from that and to create something new. Of course, the new show is based on the same premise as the old, has the same title and everything, but it's a new cast, new vibe, new issues and new writing. I don't want to "accidentally" summon Jason Priestley as an actor. I don't want to do somebody else's shtick.

    • Ryan :(On working with Jennie Garth and Shannen Dorherty) If anything, it might be weirder for the older cast members of the original show to meet the new cast members of 90210. It's weird to meet kids who are now doing a show that you started, created and became popular for. That's got to be an interesting situation for them. However, it's all been surprisingly smooth, even with Jennie and Shannen. Everyone expected like, 'Oh no! All hell's going to break loose.' It hasn't been like that all.

    • Ryan: (His advice to people who want to act) First and foremost, only get into it if you really can't see yourself doing anything else, because it's really frustrating and tough. And if you are going to do it, just throw everything you got at it, every ounce of heart and soul at it, and I think you will make it happen.

    • Ryan:(On the hardest part of acting) The hardest part is going out and auditioning. Every single audition is a long shot. At the end of every audition there's a part of you that says, 'I'm not going to get this.'

    • Ryan:(On his goals as an actor) I think my first goal realistically is to make a living as an actor; that would be a huge accomplishment. I've more or less been able to do that since I got out of school. I'd love to do one great film; that'd be really fantastic.

    • Ryan:(On growing up in Cota de Caza) It's such a good place to raise kids. There were a lot of kids my age there when I was growing up. It's not like Los Angeles; it's clean and there's no crime. You couldn't ask for a better place to grow up.

    • Ryan: (About the cast of 90210) The chemistry so far is fantastic. We may get sick of each other, but we haven't yet. Already friendships [are] forming and it's a really good group of very excited people.