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  • He is so talented and good looking!

    I love you Ryan Hansen! I love him despite his rude character (Dick) in Veronica Mars. He's great at acting and he seems like such a good person! He made Veronica Mars one of my fave shows and I only watched the show for him I can't wait to see his other works and I wish he weren't so underrated. Ryan Hansen IS LOVE! I love his blonde hair, his smirk, and his awesome height. Whoo! He looks so laid back too and he's young! I first saw him in That's So Raven and when I saw him on Veronica Mars, I was sooo happy! You rock, Ryan! :)
  • He is obvouilsy enjoying acting... and you can fell it when you see him on a show.

    He is obvouilsy enjoying acting and you can fell it when you see him on a show.For example on Veronica Mars his part is so awesome.He is so good doing the drunk or sarcastic guy. Too bad we can see him in only show.
    Though he is not the best actor of his generation but he has something special which makes him an "original" one.
    Wishing to see him in different part, more "wise" ones ^_^, but not too wise because his 'I don't care about anything' attitude is so great.
  • he is soo hot and sexy and beinig blond makes him o so even hotter. :):):):):)

    he is soo hot and sexy and beinig blond makes him o so even hotter. :):):):):) i hope he gets his own show and i hope he never leaves this show i love him with all my heart and he is so sexy and ive seen him shirtless but i won't go there becuase i have to much privacy concerns haha i love him so very much. can't wait 4 new eps.
  • between the boys in motion and 09er-ville, what is Ryan really like?

    From the cutting edge to Veronica Mars Ryan plays many different kinds of roles. Dancing it up and doing backflips on That's so Raven, to mouthing off and being pervy to girls on Veronica Mars. Ryan has the sweetest looking face and he always looks so innocent, i think its the honey colored hair. On Veronica Mars Ryan plays Dick, this mean idiot who doesnt seem to get it all the time, and loves to torment Veronica. Even though Dick is a real pervert and meany alot, you cant help but love Dick for who he is. Ryan works with a group called invisible children so I respect him in every way.
  • Trying to update incorrect facts-

    How can I revise incorrect info on this board? For instance, Ryan was born in Fountain Valley, CA, not Washington DC, and his Dad still IS a pastor, not WAS a pastor. :) If anyone can please update those items- that would be great! Thanks for your help on this -T
  • Ryan Hansen is now currently a main character in the television show Veronica Mars. He was on the third pilot of the Power Rangers and has guested starred on the tv shows, Grounded for Life and Las Vegas.

    Ryan Hansen is a talented actor who has guested starred in many shows. He just recently got married to his wife, Amy. He moved to Las Angeles, but both of thier families are from San Diego. His father is pastor so that makes him a christian. He's really into charity and helps children out in Africa. He may be a jerk on Veronica Mars, but in reality he is a great guy.