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    • Ryan: I always love coming to work on the Veronica Mars set. It never feels like work. It is just so much fun being with everyone there.

    • Ryan: (on becoming a series regular for Veronica Mars) It was really a dream come true. You always want something like that. And then for the third season, that was still even a surprise. It's amazing that they still wanted Dick around. You know, everyone wants Dick around!

    • Ryan: (on working with the cast of Veronica Mars) I feel so weird, because everyone on the cast is so amazing, and it's honestly such a treat to go to work with these amazing people. As far as cast and crew, everyone - and I don't know if it's the San Diego vibe, or what - but it's really, really cool.

    • Ryan: There are sure a lot of people that I can thank for helping me in my career, but the most important shoutout goes to my wife Amy and my family.

    • Ryan: I first auditioned for the role of Duncan. Afterwards when they were casting one of Duncan's '09er friends, I was brought in to read for that. And it turned out to be Dick Casablancas. I know...we laugh at that name too. Maybe you can find out why my name is Dick Casablancas.

    • Ryan: Well, when I first started acting, right out of high school, I had the spikey hair thing going on. But for a while now my hair has looked like it does now.

    • Ryan: I'm a dual residence kinda guy. My wife Amy and I have a place in L.A. and when I'm working in San Diego, I either stay at my parents' or Amy's parents'. And I love that the show shoots in San Diego. I'm so proud to be representin' for my home town.

    • Ryan: (on his co-stars) Kristen is the most hard working actress and the sweetest person. She and Jason especially just put everyone at ease.

    • Ryan: (on director Rob Thomas) I think Rob is great. He watches out for the show and all the cast. His writing is awesome, very real.