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  • Great Actor.

    Love him in everything.
  • Good Actor

    It sucks that they killed off Opie, but I guess he had run his course with the storyline! Ryan Hurst has been great in every role I've ever seen him work, he was great in Remember the Titans, We Were Soldiers, even his two line in Saving Private Ryan, but as Opie Winston, Hurst was at his best and his character will be missed......RIP OPIE!!!!
  • WHATEVER....

    I am so stunned at his death on SOA... he was my very favorite on the show and I absolutely love him since Saved By The Bell... he is amazing to say the least.. I really hope he continues to act so all of us Ryan Hurst Fans can see him... I know that plenty of people agree with me when I say how angry and saddened I am at his death on the show... He is a talented man and we love him.... I hope to see him somewhere else REAL soon. I LOVE YOU RYAN!
  • I am always happy to see Ryan Hurst show up in a program, as I know he will do a fine job.

    Ryan Hurst is a very talented actor. Going all the way back to Saving Private Ryan, Patch Adams and Remember the Titans, he has been outstanding in everything I have seen him in. Wanted, Medium, and now Sons of Anarchy. He is not "Pretty Boy" handsome, but is still an attractive man.

    I hope his career continues to flourish and he gets a show of his own to really showcase his talent and appeal. I am sure he will be around for years to come. I'm sure his dad,Rick, who was in Dukes of Hazzard is very proud of his work.
  • Greasy doesn't do it...


    Brilliant actor, I'm surprised he's not in more. Story line with the porn star is a bit out there, why would he cheat after discovering birth control? Shame coz he was finally looking a bit happy!

    One question - why is his hair so damn greasy in this show?

  • Give him an Emmy!


    Most of the time, I boycott awards shows, because the shows that get the awards aren't always great, and some of my favorites are left out. Every once in a while, I am pleasantly surprised that the people choosing these awards get it right. Well, I hope they do this year. Ryan Hurst, as Opie, deserves every possible award for his work this season. His work this season is better than his work on all of the other seasons, which is saying a lot. His performance when his wife was killed was amazing, and then last season with the retribution of it. But this season, and most importantly, the last 5 minutes of "Call of Duty" was so incredible, I wanted to hand him an award right then. Hurst made us feel that Opie must have not only felt the pain of the loss of his father, but his entire family. The Club is and has been his family. He had just finished telling Jax that nothing else fit. That was what he knew, he couldn't do anything else, so he chose the life. Then he sees his father, and it was like he doubted everything in his life, especially once Unser (Masterfully played by Dayton Callie) told him who actually murdered his father. Opie looked more torn up that anyone could possibly look. The betrayal, anger, hurt, devastation were all so evident on his face. As understanding dawned, Opie took us from confusion, to anger, to betrayal to fury and desire, for revenge. All without saying a word. I hope that Hurst gets his due. He so deserves it.

  • empty

    I think Ryan is to die for!!!
    I find him extremely atractive, and he was fantastic in WANTED.
    I am very sad that they only made 13 episodes of WANTED, I wonder what was wrong with it???
    His wife is very lucky to have a guy like him.
    Hope to see moe of him on TV soon. Can`t wait.
    love Nat xxxx
  • i think i've just witnessed someone great

    this guy is awesome; his 10/13 role on "Medium" was incredibly believable, touching, heroic, and way way beyond what other actors would have done with the same role, the same words. one doesn't usually see such nuance on network television...i'm glad i tivo-ed it, since i watched it twice.

    he ain't exactly the prettiest actor you've ever seen, which makes him all the more interesting. of special note were his phrasing and quiet dialogue...totally real. i sure do hope this guy gets the recognition he deserves...i'll watch out for him.

    "medium" has always been high quality...the stories and Patricia Arquette have been great. but now after seeing Ryan Hurst and Rachel Miner last night, it's moved the show into another status code for me. somebody is paying attention to the casting, and going for excellence.