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    • Ryan Hurst: (on how he picks his projects) To be completely honest, I don't think it has changed much. I originally turned down Remember the Titans two, maybe three times before taking it because I was completely convinced the script wasn't going to be turned into another Might Ducks. They told me that Boaz Yakin was going to direct it, and he had done one of my favorite movies – Fresh – so I said yes right away.

      A lot of my choices for features are based on who is directing and I've been fortunate enough to work with a lot of fantastic directors.

    • Ryan Hurst: (on receiving feed back from fans) When someone comes up to you and expresses how moved or touched they were by your performance it's really great. It means that you're doing your job. I don't have any problem from Remember The Titans or anything else. It's a good reinforcement that you are achieving your goal of bringing life and light to these roles. I am real, real picky with what I decided to do. I want to make sure it's new and at the same time that it's in the same color of what I have played before. Not to pigeon hole myself but I don't like to do fluff.

    • Ryan Hurst: (on his tattoo's in the TV show Sons of Anarchy) No, they're not. I have five or six of my own but they cover them up and then put the fake tattoos over them. All of Opie's tattoos I designed myself.

    • Ryan Hurst: (on how he got involved with Sons of Anarchy) My manager at the time gave me the script and said, "you get to grow a beard, ride a motorcycle, have tattoos all over you, and it shoots in California." I was like, "sign me up." I went in auditioned and originally they said to me, "the character dies at the end of the first season but it's a great part", and I said, "well, let's do it."

    • Ryan Hurst: (on his notes for his character in the TV show Sons of Anarchy) Yeah, I mean before the season started, Kurt brought each of us in to have a meeting with the writers and said, "What do you guys see for your characters?" and I went in there prepared, and I went in there with my notes, and 99% of them are in the season.

    • Ryan Hurst: (on Kurt Sutter's ideas for the show Sons of Anarchy) I think he's got a very clear idea of where the show is going. Something will happen and we'll say "That doesn't make sense", and he'll say "I'll show you how it makes sense", and he always does.

    • Ryan Hurst: (on how much of himself he was able to put into his character by the second season of Sons of Anarchy) I feel like we're able to connect with the characters now. At the beginning of the first season, it was a little weird because I'd never ridden a motorcycle before, but then later I found a little door in my head and said, "Wow, I never knew this guy was there".

    • Ryan Hurst: (on season 2 of Sons of Anarchy) I think in Season 2, you kind of begin to see the tears in the club. You see factions siding one way or another. Opie goes to a really dark place and really stays there. Throughout the season it comes out in violent ways.