Ryan Kwanten

Ryan Kwanten


11/28/1976, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Birth Name

Ryan Christian Kwanten


  • Ryan Kwanten on True Blood from Season 4.
  • Ryan Kwanten stars in Season Two of True...
  • Ryan Kwanten stars in Season Two of True...
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Ryan Kwanten, or Jason Stackhouse to fans of HBO's True Blood, is a television and film actor, who like some of his fellow Aussie actors, has made a move from Television Down Under to the Hollywood limelight. Known to his hometown of Sydney, New South Wales as sex…more


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    • Ryan Kwanten: Obviously you've got to have the talent but what I think is so important in this town [Hollywood] as well is to have resilience and tenacity, you've got to be able to deal with rejection, more so than any other job. Even in a good year you're still getting rejected more than 90 per cent of the time.

    • Ryan Kwanten: To be a man means more than having muscles; there's so much more to being a stand-up guy. I always loved that Ralph Waldo Emerson quote: 'What lies behind us and what lies before us is small matter compared to what lies within us.'

    • Ryan Kwanten: I'm confident with who I am. I know what I'm capable of, and without sounding like an egomaniac, I have no problems quashing anyone's expectations. Whenever they say I can't do something, it just inspires me more to do it. If somebody tells me that's my pigeonhole, I guarantee you I'll break out of that.

    • Ryan Kwanten: I always grew up with physical activity, so now it's just a part of who I am. I do a little something every day. Even when I'm working, I'll go home and run on the soft sand at two in the morning. No matter the time, even if I have to wake up at four, I do whatever [exercise] I can. If I don't then I'm not me.

    • Ryan Kwanten: (on his hidden talents) I'm undefeated in Scrabble. I can figure out an opponent's strategy and mold mine to offset theirs. I play a couple times a week, and I'll often play a game on my bed by myself against myself, which I realize sounds completely mad.

    • Ryan Kwanten: Australian women tend to tell it like it is-even if it's the brutal, honest truth. I think American women usually break it to you a little easier. There's a softer side to them.

    • Ryan Kwanten: (in a 2008 interview) As much as I come from a country that's very liberal and open-minded, in regard to one's body, I feel like I've got myself in a position in my career where I should be careful when I'm being naked, as any actor should be. I think it's important that it's a relevant story point, and not just nudity for gratuity's sake.

    • Ryan Kwanten: (about who he wants to be for one day) Ewan McGregor. To me he just means cool.

    • Ryan Kwanten: (about what he looks for in a girl) I'm not fussy. All of my girlfriends have been really different, personality-wise and what they looked like.

    • Ryan Kwanten: I think it's important to get your sweat on and to not just limit yourself to one particular sport. To do nothing but lift weights to me would be a quick death. Life has too many great things to offer in terms of physical exertion. I think you always need a sense of clarity, whether you get it through meditation or going for a hike, when it comes to bettering your life. It may not work for everybody, but it does for me.

    • Ryan Kwanten: (about his favorite music) I love rock. My favourite artist is an Australian guy called Johnny Diesel, and my fave overseas band has always been The Beatles - you can't top them.

    • Ryan Kwanten: (about his starsign) I'm a typical Sagittarian, I like having things my own way and I'm a really active type.

    • Ryan Kwanten: (about how his acting career started) When I was 15 my brother went along to an agency audition and I came with him on my way to going swimming. The woman there asked me if I wanted to audition as well and I said, 'No way, I can't act!' But I thought I'd have a go anyway and they ended up signing me and not my brother!

  • Bring back Vinnie!!!

    I loved Ryan Kwanten in Home & Away. His character Vinnie was a really cool character and you could always count on him for a laugh.

    When I first heard Ryan was doing Summerland I couldn't wait for it to come to Australia. We had been missing him on Australian television. Ryan suits to role so well on Summerland. He has that natural surffie look!
  • :) gotta love him!

    i've been a ryan fan since he played the lovable vinnie patterson on home and away, years and years back. he just made the show funny, he completely nailed his character, he was just super talented.when he left home and away i was heaps annoyed/sad- it angered me, why did he have to go! and then he made a movie (it was ok!) and then started on summerland, which made everything alright again, i mean its not summer bay, but its a summer land :) i prefer him as vinnie for h&a to jay, but whatever! he's awesome and i hope he makes it bigger than he's already got!moreless