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  • Bring back Vinnie!!!

    I loved Ryan Kwanten in Home & Away. His character Vinnie was a really cool character and you could always count on him for a laugh.
    When I first heard Ryan was doing Summerland I couldn't wait for it to come to Australia. We had been missing him on Australian television. Ryan suits to role so well on Summerland. He has that natural surffie look!
  • :) gotta love him!

    i've been a ryan fan since he played the lovable vinnie patterson on home and away, years and years back. he just made the show funny, he completely nailed his character, he was just super talented.when he left home and away i was heaps annoyed/sad- it angered me, why did he have to go! and then he made a movie (it was ok!) and then started on summerland, which made everything alright again, i mean its not summer bay, but its a summer land :) i prefer him as vinnie for h&a to jay, but whatever! he's awesome and i hope he makes it bigger than he's already got!
  • A favorite.

    One of my favorite actors on Summerland. He really brings alot to his character Jay. The actions he takes as Jay, make you think if he is really is like that because of the way his acts. I wonder if he just took up surfing?. Rayn can go really far with his acting skills. Since Summerland got canceled I hope to see him in movies or other TV shows. He could do a spin-off of Summmerland and have his on show?? Who knows what will happen next. He seems to be a really great guy. You have to give him props on his looks, he is really HOT!