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    • Ryan: Every agent in Chicago said, 'kid, without credentials and proving you can make it in Chicago, you'll never make it in Hollywood,'. I thought....we will just see. I packed by bags in 1998 and said, Hollywood here I come!

    • Ryan: (on becoming an actor) I still can hear my parents saying, 'what are you going to make of yourself?'. Well mom and dad....now I have the answer.

    • Ryan: (on "Living with Fran" producer and star Fran Drescher asking her to strip down on the show) Fran's always fighting for it. She says (imitating Drescher's nasally voice), 'So, da ya want this show to be sexy or not?'

    • Ryan: I'd rather have a small part on a really good show than be the lead of a pilot that's not even going to be picked up.

    • Ryan: (on performing in front of a live audience) It's a great gauge to see whether you're doing your job or not. You get that immediate feedback. On soaps, you have to learn to trust your own instincts.

    • Ryan: (on his support for the writers in Hollywood) There are no shows without the writers and I think as actors we really appreciate that position. They are under-appreciated and they do need to get some recognition here.

    • Ryan: (on playing his character on "Chuck" until the season finale) Been careful not to overdo just the awesomeness. I got to show a little bit of my vulnerability in the last episode with the proposal... It's good to show that this guy isn't all about climbing Mt. Everest. He's about heart.

    • Ryan: (in a 2005 interview) I want to stay in this business. I want to take film classes and perhaps write. Who knows...maybe someday I'll be like Ron Howard.

    • Ryan: (on him being always half-naked on "Chuck") It's become a running joke now. I'm never going to be able to eat again!

    • Ryan: (on his name Captain Awesome on the show "Chuck") I don't even think people on the set know my name as Ryan. They're like, 'Awesome, Cap, get over here.' So it kind of stuck and buddies even call me that in Chicago. They're like, 'Hey Captain, what's up, man?' So as an actor that's like the best thing that you can hope for, a name that's that fun and popular.

    • Ryan: Fatherhood is the best thing in the world.

    • Ryan: The most embarrassing thing I've done when I'm filming has to be…I've had meltdowns before where you can't do anything right and you can't get your head right, and you just have to laugh at yourself.