Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman


4/24/1998, Manhattan Beach, California, USA

Birth Name

Ryan Whitney Newman


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ryan plays Carlotta in a new movie titled Lower Learning that will come out later in 2008. She will also be in a upcoming show in 2008 called Mongoose & Luther, Ryan will be playing Ginger then.

    • She does not have a myspace despite all the myspaces saying that they are her.

    • The following is a list of some of the interviews Ryan has done:
      Access Hollywood - 10 August 2006
      Headline News - 16 August 2006
      Showbiz Tonight - 16 August 2006

    • Here are a few of some appearances she has made on the red carpet:
      Open Season premiere - September 25 2006
      Ice Age: The Meltdown - November 16 2006
      Unaccompanied Minors premiere - December 3 2006
      Happily Never After premiere - December 16 2006
      Cinderella III: A Twist in Time DVD Release - February 4 2007
      Sydney White premiere - September 20 2007
      The Bee Movie premiere - October 28 2007

    • The following is a list of some print work that Ryan Newman II has done:
      Disney Direct
      Mary-Kate and Ashley
      Walt Disney Travel Company
      Kid Collection
      Disney Consumer Products
      Hanna Anderson
      Robinson's May

    • Ryan is the youngest actor ever to have been motioned captured, at the age of 6 for the movie Monster House. Ryan had to wear a suit covered in dots while she was acting out her scenes.

    • Ryan's eyes change color, sometimes they are milky blue, and sometimes a greenish-blue.

    • Ryan loves doing charity stuff here is some of the stuff she has done for charity:
      Ryan was seen attending the Celebrate Life charity event in LA on June 10 2007. She was also seen at charity event Bogart Backstage on November 5 2006 which is a fundraiser for research into Children's Cancer, Leukemia and Aids.

    • She is in no way related to the Nascar driver Ryan Newman.

    • Ryan's father's name is Rick Newman and her mother's name is Jody Newman and they are 100% behind her acting. Ryan also has an older sister named Jessica who was born in 1996. As of 2007 the Newman family lives in Southern California.

    • Here are some of the many commercials she has been in:
      Home Depot
      The Gap
      Kraft Foods
      Golden Plump Chicken
      Peter Piper Pizza

    • She did runway modeling for Macy's in 2002 and 2003.

    • She was nominated a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film Young Actress Age Ten or Younger for Zoom.

    • Ryan started acting at the age of three.

    • Ryan has two dogs, a Yorkie named Sweet Pea and a Havanese named Harley.

    • Ryan is good friends with fellow Monster House co-star Mitchel Musso. Ryan went to Mitchel Musso's 16th birthday. She was in also in Hannah Montana with him as younger Miley.

    • Ryan enjoys hip hop dancing, gymnastics, acting, singing, modeling and playing with her American Girl dolls.

    • Ryan's favorite foods are fruit, salad, and pizza. Her favorite color used to be pink but now it is aqua.

    • Ryan had to dye her hair blonde for her character in the movie Zoom. Her natural hair color is brown. Ryan also had to be trained in karate for two weeks for the movie Zoom.

  • Quotes

    • Ryan: (On her Zoom training) I feel strong now and I would love to do more.

    • Ryan: (On her character in the movie Zoom) I kick some butt!!

    • Ryan: Making movies is very fun. Sometimes I wish I could work the whole entire day, and the weekends, because I love it. I just want to be on set all the time.

    • Ryan: (On working with Tim Allen) He was great to work with. He was always on the set making people laugh and he played with me.

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    Ryan is truly a good little actress I cant wait for her upcoming roles she seriously needs her own show though she is to underused. In Hannah Montana they only give her a couple of lines which is retarded, like they just use her to look cute (but she is a little cutie). She is making a good name for herself she has 2 movies under her belt (They are not under her credits at all) and more on the way for us. Im sure Ryan wont be one of those actors/actresses who go bad on us. 7.8 for Ryan Whitney Newmanmoreless
  • At only the age of 7 Ryan has played in two big films.

    Ryan Newman has already played in too big movies, and in the same year, she played the little blonde girl that is singing at the beginning of Monster House, and she played Cindy Collins in the movie Zoom.

    She has already acted along side and with Hollywood greats like Tim Allen, Rip Torn, Chevy Chase, Robert Zemeckis, and Steven Spielberg.

    Not only is Ryan incredible beautiful for her age, but she is also one heck of an actress, nailing each line as though she has been acting for years.

    She has proven that she can already act opposite veteran actors, and she has done an incredible job doing it.moreless