Ryan Pepi





8/2/1993 , North Attleboro, Massachusets, USA

Birth Name



Ryan and Kyle Pepi

Ryan and Kyle Pepi are 6 1/2-year-old twins. They booked "One Life to Live" as River when they were 18 months. Their mother didn't take it. "It was too much to go back and forth to New York", says mother, Alycia Pepi. They are from Massachusetts and worked on "Another World" when they were 2. That was the beginning of New York. Before they did "Another World", they did Safety First products.
Since then they have worked on many commercials. For example: Ford Windstar, Papa Ginos, Playschool, Milton Bradley, Kids Town, Family Fun Magazine, & Parents Magazine. Their whole family is Zadie (their grandfather), their grandmother, Ryan, Kyle, & Alycia (their mother). Their father did a shoot in New York for Esquire Magazine. They almost booked a pilot named Sherman Oaks but there was a height problem. Barbara Miller loved them though.
They recently worked for Amanda Bearce (Marci on "Married With Children"). She directed "Mad TV". They also did some work for "Ally McBeal". They are very shortly going to be in two new movies. You can't forget "Outside Providence". In that movie they were Alec Baldwin's son little Jackie.
They were also in "Next Stop Wonderland". Their hobbies are soccer, roller blading, & skate boarding. They can swin like fish and even dive. They are not only actors but real kids. Their mother will not let the acting business get to their heads. The twins got their passports almost 2 years ago and still waiting to use them.