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    • Ryan: Out here in Hollywood, you don't get much notice, unless you're Leonardo DiCaprio. After a while, you take it for what it is, and I'd rather have them recognize me than not, because it's awesome.

    • (About his plans for the future)
      Ryan: I would love to start my own production company with my brother, Aaron, and call it Pinkston Productions. I would also like to maybe--I don't know if this is possible, but take over Jay Leno's job. I love what he does.

    • (On what was his favorite part about being an actor)
      Ryan: The best thing about being an actor is all the cool people I met. Like the fans, and all the celebrities. It was so cool. And Ashton was just so cool to hang out with.

    • (About working with Ashton Kutcher in Punk'd)
      Ryan: Ashton's a great guy. He's like a big brother to me. It's great; I wouldn't have picked anyone else to work with.