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    Ryan Reynolds has really developed into an extremely talented actor over the past five years. He has done every time of movie from comedy to drama to action and in each of his roles, he really makes you think that he actually is the character he is playing.
  • Ryan Reynolds is DA BOMB!!!!!!

    Ryan Reynolds is the best actor alive! Well, one of them. He's cute and funny and whether he has a beard or he's clean-shaven he's just gorgeous. I don't even remember how I heard of him, all I remember is that he is one of my favorite actors and he is so cute in Two Guys and a Girl and Van Wilder and Foolproof . He's the best!!!
  • Such a funny, talented, but so underrated actor. The movies of his I liked the most were slammed by some critics... what a shame!

    I dont think many critics like comedies - such as Van Wilder - which was hilarious! Or maybe he does too many smaller (or independent) movies - that do not go to theaters. I respect that in him.

    He can deliver his comedic act dead-pan, which can be rare. He's not a slapstick comedian like some can be, he's suttle instead.

    I just saw 'School of Life' last night which is a serious and somewhat sad movie of a teacher with cancer. It was extremely well done, and well acted.

    I hope to see more of him in movies to come.
  • Can we really get enough of Reynolds?

    I first noticed him in "Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place" and just couldn't get enough of him on screen. Counting down the hours to my next fix of "Two Guys...." just so I could see Ryan Reynolds doing what he does best. A great comedy actor and starting to get some more serious roles in not a surprise. With guest roles in shows like Scrubs its not really a shock everybody wants to see a bit of Ryan.
  • Ryan is so funny!!

    I know Ryan Reynolds mainly from two guys a girl and a pizza place playing Berg. He was so funny on that show. One of my favorite movies of his is Van Wilder that is the funniest movie ever. He is so talented because he can play all different roles like van wilder, blade trinity and Amityville horror, all those characters he played in those movies are different but he does them so well. I think that he did the best job in Amityville horror... that would have been the hardest to play. Ryan is so hott too!! specially in blade. :P
  • I remember him from 15!

    Ryan is a really funny guy. He's come a long way from being on the Canadian teen drama "15." I'm really happy that he's found his calling in comedy movies. He's a great actor, and he always makes me laugh! I hope he and Alanis are very happy together. They make a cute couple!
  • Gotta be one of the funniest people in entertainment right now. Unfortunately, not everyone knows it.

    Back in 1990, I used to wake up Saturday mornings and at about 11am my time I would turn on Nickleodeon and my guilty pleasure, the show "Fifteen". It wasn't a good show... I think I watched it just to laugh at it. But years later, as I watched "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place" I was hit with a case of deja vu for a few weeks trying to figure out where I saw that guy "Berg" before. One day the clouds parted... "That's the kid from 'Fifteen'!" Well, one of the kids from "Fifteen" anyway. I had a hard time believing that was the same person. Ryan Reynolds really highlighted his comedic talents on "Two Guys and a Girl". An amazingly funny guy who deserves more attention than he's getting now. The way he can break into his dramatic way of making a joke is what makes him so unique. The movie "Van Wilder" is a perfect example. Reynolds would be an outstanding addition to any comedy. If the movies don't pan out, I'd gladly welcome him back to the small screen.