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    • The Stargate Atlantis episode "Coup D'etat" was originally written for Genii Commander Acastus Kolya. When actor Robert Davi was unavailable, it was rewritten for Ryan's character Ladon Radim.

    • He met his wife actress Rebecca Reichert on the set of the short-lived television series The Net.

    • He was born Ryan John Currier but was adopted by his stepfather at age 6 and changed his last name to Robbins.

    • He is a big hockey fan and his favorite team is the Vancouver Canucks.

    • He won the Best Actor award from the Sacramento Film Festival for his role in the 2005 independent film When Jesse Was Born.

    • In 1994 he helped form the experimental band Hellenkeller.

    • He is a big fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and enjoys watching boxing and occasionally is a recreational participant.

    • He is the only actor to have played two different characters in Battlestar Galactica, having originally starred in the miniseries as the armistice officer to the Cylons and then as resistance member Charlie Connor in season 3.

    • He married actress Rebecca Reichert on February 22, 2002 and they have one child.

    • In 2005 he won a Leo Award for Best Performance by a Male in a Short Drama for Man Feel Pain.

  • Quotes

    • Ryan Robbins:(On the Stargate Atlantis directors) Well, Martin Wood is really energetic, he a very outgoing personality, he's really fun. Will Waring is also an incredible nice guy. Will's also got, I think he looks at it from a completely different perspective I imagine because he's also a camera operator and DP, so he, I think comes at it from a slightly different angle than Martin does. When you get on a show like that and people are staying true to the vision of the show, the difference between directors is, you know, it's pretty slight. Both those guys are really hilarious, both are really, really fun to work for. But, I think probably the only difference is maybe just seeing that maybe Will spends just a little more time behind the monitors checking shots and framing and stuff and Martin will come right out there to chat with the actors. You know Martin is responsible for Ladon even hanging around, to tell you the truth. Here's a little scoop for you: In the... I believe it was "The Storm", originally they had thought about killing Ladon and then Martin and I talked and then you know we got along very well and he said I'm going to kill somebody else. That's when he kept me around and made me the leader of the people, so there's a good actors story.

    • Ryan Robbins:(On his character of Lanon Radim on Stargate Atlantis) My opinion is that I think Ladon would love to be considered any ally and would like to be an ally but at the same time he will always do what is best for his people first. So, if at any point his people are threatened or compromised by any sort of friendship with Atlantis then the friendship with Atlantis would definitely be in jeopardy if it in any way conflicted with the betterment of the Genii. That's my opinion about Ladon. I he sees Atlantis as a great opportunity, you know technologically and also as a protective ally. I think the Genii tend to be a proud race of people who want to be in as self-sufficient as possible ironically by any means necessary. I'll be as self-sufficient as possible right after I steal all of your stuff.

    • Ryan Robbins: (On his familiarity with Stargate Atlantis) A little familiar with it, you know, from SG1, knowing a little about SG1 and again, Stargate Atlantis knowing some of the folks on that show. Paul McGillion is a good friend of mine. I really had to brush up on the back story of the Genii because when I first came on the show I was a Genii scientist, then the next thing I know, I'm the leader of my people and so I really had to do a little bit of home work there and again another show where the writers have a back story for everything. They have a little meeting, sit down and talk to the writers and ok so what do you know, what haven't you shown yet. What do you know about these people that I wouldn't know as an audience and that's really helpful to figure, then again, they really let me sort of create my own story for Ladon, especially when Ladon becomes the leader, he's very conflicted, he a very, very different kind of leader, again, there's another guy who appears to be a bad guy who really just wants the best for his people.

    • Ryan Robbins: (On the chemistry of the Battlestar Galactica cast) I'll tell you it is such a great show to work on, its just such a great atmosphere. You know, I've never been on a show where the actors care so much about the show and the characters and the dynamics between everybody is really amazing. You know when we get scripts everybody is eager to read the script to find out what's going on, not just with their own character but they want to find out what's going on with everybody else, its really fun. Scripts come and people are reading scripts "Oh my God, can you believe this is really happening", this is really crazy. Everybody talks about it, everybody has a lot of input and really, really cares about it, the cast and the crew. The attention to details and the caring that goes on is incredible. And it's, you know Edward James Oleos, I unfortunately don't get a chance to work directly with him, but I do get to know him and I see him a lot at work and he is such a great guy, he is like the father figure to everyone, he legitimately care for everybody as does Mary as does the entire cast. A lot of cast has become close friends, you know. A lot of children have been born in the last few seasons. People actually hang out. You know you got to a lot of shows where cast members don't hang out afterwards, they're just kinda of happy to get rid of each other.

    • Ryan Robbins: Dramatic roles are great. I do have a soft spot for comedy. I have done a fair bit of comedy. The key for me is just finding a role that is interesting and unique and I'm a big fan of just being as sincere as possible in the character. I just think comedy or drama you know, you make that character sincere and relatable, but there is something to be said about doing drama, that you know doing a really good drama sometimes feels like you're almost kind of selfish cause it actually feels really good to get that kind of performance out.