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    • Ryan Robbins: (On the chemistry of the Battlestar Galactica cast) I'll tell you it is such a great show to work on, its just such a great atmosphere. You know, I've never been on a show where the actors care so much about the show and the characters and the dynamics between everybody is really amazing. You know when we get scripts everybody is eager to read the script to find out what's going on, not just with their own character but they want to find out what's going on with everybody else, its really fun. Scripts come and people are reading scripts "Oh my God, can you believe this is really happening", this is really crazy. Everybody talks about it, everybody has a lot of input and really, really cares about it, the cast and the crew. The attention to details and the caring that goes on is incredible. And it's, you know Edward James Oleos, I unfortunately don't get a chance to work directly with him, but I do get to know him and I see him a lot at work and he is such a great guy, he is like the father figure to everyone, he legitimately care for everybody as does Mary as does the entire cast. A lot of cast has become close friends, you know. A lot of children have been born in the last few seasons. People actually hang out. You know you got to a lot of shows where cast members don't hang out afterwards, they're just kinda of happy to get rid of each other.