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    • Ryan Robbins: (On his familiarity with Stargate Atlantis) A little familiar with it, you know, from SG1, knowing a little about SG1 and again, Stargate Atlantis knowing some of the folks on that show. Paul McGillion is a good friend of mine. I really had to brush up on the back story of the Genii because when I first came on the show I was a Genii scientist, then the next thing I know, I'm the leader of my people and so I really had to do a little bit of home work there and again another show where the writers have a back story for everything. They have a little meeting, sit down and talk to the writers and ok so what do you know, what haven't you shown yet. What do you know about these people that I wouldn't know as an audience and that's really helpful to figure, then again, they really let me sort of create my own story for Ladon, especially when Ladon becomes the leader, he's very conflicted, he a very, very different kind of leader, again, there's another guy who appears to be a bad guy who really just wants the best for his people.