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    • Ryan Robbins:(On his character of Lanon Radim on Stargate Atlantis) My opinion is that I think Ladon would love to be considered any ally and would like to be an ally but at the same time he will always do what is best for his people first. So, if at any point his people are threatened or compromised by any sort of friendship with Atlantis then the friendship with Atlantis would definitely be in jeopardy if it in any way conflicted with the betterment of the Genii. That's my opinion about Ladon. I he sees Atlantis as a great opportunity, you know technologically and also as a protective ally. I think the Genii tend to be a proud race of people who want to be in as self-sufficient as possible ironically by any means necessary. I'll be as self-sufficient as possible right after I steal all of your stuff.