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    • Ryan Robbins:(On the Stargate Atlantis directors) Well, Martin Wood is really energetic, he a very outgoing personality, he's really fun. Will Waring is also an incredible nice guy. Will's also got, I think he looks at it from a completely different perspective I imagine because he's also a camera operator and DP, so he, I think comes at it from a slightly different angle than Martin does. When you get on a show like that and people are staying true to the vision of the show, the difference between directors is, you know, it's pretty slight. Both those guys are really hilarious, both are really, really fun to work for. But, I think probably the only difference is maybe just seeing that maybe Will spends just a little more time behind the monitors checking shots and framing and stuff and Martin will come right out there to chat with the actors. You know Martin is responsible for Ladon even hanging around, to tell you the truth. Here's a little scoop for you: In the... I believe it was "The Storm", originally they had thought about killing Ladon and then Martin and I talked and then you know we got along very well and he said I'm going to kill somebody else. That's when he kept me around and made me the leader of the people, so there's a good actors story.