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Ryan Scott


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  • Food Festival with Ryan Scott



    Chef Ryan Scott prepares tasty side dishes and a delicious desert that will spice up your family's holiday feast.
  • Food Festival with Ryan Scott



    To celebrate the launch of season five, Chef Ryan Scott shares five different dishes inspired by the five hosts!
  • Gov. Scott Walker cries during Paul Ryan speech



    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was apparently moved to tears as he watched fellow Wisconsinite Paul Ryan speak at the Republican National Convention.
  • Trust

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 11/5/01

    Cole is in the middle of pursuing Trof (an Enixian) and about to lose his life when a concealed alien, Nestov, comes to his aid. Cole captures Trof and then prepares to capture Nestov, who asks for his help. Nestov's host, Darian Fawley, was on the train returning with money from a kidnapping when Nestov and the others took over the people on the train. Now Nestov has the money but the rest of the kidnappers are after him because he gave the money to Zin. Cole agrees to help. The kidnapping is still underway, with the kidnappers holding the girl ransom for yet more money. Cole and Nestov track down the girl, only to discover that she had created the whole scheme along with Nestov's host body to get money from her rich father. Cole captures the girl and her accomplice, but lets Nestov go in appreciation of his help...and as a future resource in his attempts to capture the other prisoners.moreless
  • Homecoming Queen

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 11/1/00

    After a four year stay in California after he came out of the closet, Butch Gamble returns to Normal, Ohio to attend a going-away party for his son, Charlie, who's going off to medical school. His sister Pamela, a lively single mother of two, welcomes him warmly, as does his mother, Joan, though she can't quite bring herself to say "gay" aloud. Charlie, on the other hand, is not quite up to lukewarm. After Butch has a heartfelt talk with Charlie about how he's happier since he came out, Charlie decides to tell the truth too -- during his send-off, Charlie reveals that he doesn't want to go to medical school.moreless