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  • get off tv

    YOU are to blame for the Kardashians I hope you will go down with them when they are CANCELLED
  • Not my favorite person but...

    he is not that bad. He can sure host a show.
  • I'm not a fan of Ryan...

    His show was a big flop, and all he does is host american idol. He has no varity at all. I think his radio show is pretty much like all the others. I find him boring and talentless. He is not an actor, just a pretty face. I could see him on a soap opera or as a small part on CSI or something of the sort, but never making it big. People know who he is but he doesn't have any real fans. They use Ryan Seacrest as something to draw in viewers. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. If he disappers I don't think anybody will notice. Three years from now his name will not mean anything.
  • Ryan Seacrest is one of the most annoying, obnoxious, overrated, overused people in the industry. Everywhere I go, I hear his voice or see his face...I'm so sick of him!

    Ryan Seacrest may be good at interviewing celebrities, but seriously, what other talent does this guy have? His face is everywhere, his name is on everything, and his voice is on my radio every afternoon. He's like a virus...he's spreading rapidly. He's overused and overrated! I'm tired of turning on my TV and his name is on every show as the producer or executive producer. His voice is on my local radio station in South Carolina every afternoon, and his face is on American Idol, E! News, everything. Before American Idol, nobody even knew his name...he was nothing and Now! Just Go Away already. I'm tired of you!!!!
  • Ryan's a cool host!

    Ryan Seacrest is commonly known as being the host on American Idol. He does a great job. He can be funny at times, like when he has a feud with Simon. That is so funny! Ha ha ha! He visited Africa with Simon Cowell for the special episode of American Idol called, Idol Gives Back. That was such an awesome cause. He had a co-host during Season 1 of AI named Brian Dunkleman, or whatever his name is. I like him better than Brian. Ryan is also host and executive producer of On-Air with Ryan Seacrest. So overall, he is a great host for American Idol.
  • Ryan is Da Bomb

    Ryan Seacrest is a cool person. He is funny, talented and kind of cute. Ryan has been a host for many events but he is most known for being the host on the show, American Idol. I think the reason why he hosts events so much is because he is so good at it. He also has his own radio show and I have listen to some of his interviews with celebrities he has on there. Ryan is pretty metrosexual but I dont care he is still a cool person. He seems really nice too. Ryan Seacrest is a personal favorite of mine. Keep up the good work Ryan!
  • Here is a fine example of a superhero battle between Ryan Seacrest and Ryan Cabrera. Enjoy! Oh and by the way, this is just a fun joke, so please don't be offended by it.

    Post start: -Ryan Seacrest and Ryan Cabrera stand on top of a cliff in Canyonlands National Park. They each hold a Z-shaped staff in their hands (We will call these Z-Staves from now on)- Ryan Seacrest: Heh-heh! You don't stand a chance against me, Cabrera! Ryan Cabrera: Huh? And why's that? Seacrest: Well! Because, I am a super-strong Earth Host and you...Heh! You're notning more than a wanna be pop-rock star who works for Comcast Rhapsody! Cabrera: All right! That does it! -Cabrera takes out his guitar and strums it once. A rainbow-colored spiralling laser beam fires out of Cabrera's guitar and flies at Seacrest. Seacrest tries to dodge this by flying into the air, like Superman, but the laser beam follows him and eventually hits him, and inflicts...Eh...A lot of damage, though I really can't estimate how much. Ryan yells in pain and falls to the ground. He then quickly stands up again and glares at Cabrera- Seacrest: Grr! How dare you make a fool out of me! Rah! -Seacrest charges at Cabrera and tries to do a Georgio Armani-Style martial art to Cabrera- Cabrera: Hyii...Ya! -Cabrera quickly blocks Seacrest's attack and starts using all sorts of martial art punches and kicks against him. Cabrera finishes his attack, by spinning in place, whist doing several roundhouse kicks against Seacrest. This final attack knocks Searcest out. Cabrera lets out a sigh of content and smirks at Seacrest- Cabrera: Ha! You just got ponwed by a so-called wanna-be rock star! Believe it! :Post end
  • Most known as the host of American Idol.

    Okay so he's cute and can almost get along with any body. So of course he got well known but none of that wouldn't have happen with out american idol. He knows that, i know that, and most people know that. Other wise when people be using his name we be like Ryan who. Sometimes he seems a little fake but in his business he always have to meet new people and doesn't feel cheer all the time. I think he won't quit the show unless they decide to firer him which i don't think they will. So he's average.
  • Very charming and handsome

    Ryan is like the new Dick Clark should Dick ever
    Retire or is gone from the universe. Ryan is very
    Handsome and talented and is wearing many hats so far and
    Does carry himself very well if you ask me. Ryan is
    Like the straight man act to the judges of Paula, Randy,
    And of course, Simon. But still he has come a long
    Way and has a long way to go!
  • Ryan Seacrest is an amazing talent! When he speaks...I always listen! I love his sense of style. One day in jeansand a tshirt...the next it a smashing suit! Trendsetter! Not to mention....he makes the perfect person to follow in Dick Clark's shoes....he K

    Ryan Seacrest will be a timeless talent. It just goes to show, when you work hard, it pays off. When you become as successful as Ryan, there will always be those who will criticize. Ryan has been able to overcome failure and make those experiences successes. I'm one of his #1 fans on the east coast! Leave it to those southern boys to show Hollywood how things are run! Go Ryan........Go!!!! Look forward to spending every New Years with ya!
  • What an untalented jackass!

    Remember the days when one had to have talent to be on TV? What is this guy's talent, arguing with faux gay British losers? Come on! Apart from hosting the insipid American Idol, the jackass then got his own TV show. Is that show still on the air? I don't know and I don't care. Then he starting hosting the Weekly Top 40 on the radio. What a joke! He used to do the afternoon drive radio show on Star in LA, but then they replaced him with someone who sounds and acts exactly like him. I guess "talents" like this guy are really a dime a dozen. All I really remember about his show on Star is that he once made co-host Lisa Foxx cry. What a loser.

    For the record, I tried to give him a .1 rating, but this site didn't allow it. I guess TV.com likes him. Go fig.
  • Don't leave the Entertainment Industry anytime soon!!!

    How can you get any better than Ryan? Simply, YOU CAN'T. Period. Everything about him is great. You can't go wrong with him, no matter what medium he's on at the moment. With only one half failure (On-Air), he has never been without success from day one. I believe one day he will take over the world that is the TV screen.

    Ryan Seacrest is my idol....I love him...I sometimes feel I'm practically going through his childhood, he's just an maazing soul and respect his talent of being able to talk to people and taking the stage every week to host a show as huge as Americna Idol. He definitely deserved his star.