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  • What an untalented jackass!

    Remember the days when one had to have talent to be on TV? What is this guy's talent, arguing with faux gay British losers? Come on! Apart from hosting the insipid American Idol, the jackass then got his own TV show. Is that show still on the air? I don't know and I don't care. Then he starting hosting the Weekly Top 40 on the radio. What a joke! He used to do the afternoon drive radio show on Star in LA, but then they replaced him with someone who sounds and acts exactly like him. I guess "talents" like this guy are really a dime a dozen. All I really remember about his show on Star is that he once made co-host Lisa Foxx cry. What a loser.

    For the record, I tried to give him a .1 rating, but this site didn't allow it. I guess TV.com likes him. Go fig.