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  • Jenna and Jake

    Hi if you read this any current directors of Awkward I am a huge fan of Awkward and I just wanted to tell you that I thin Jenna and Jake should get back together because. One, Jake was never afraid to hold her hand in public. Two he was never afraid to be seen with her. Four it was easy for them to tell each other things. Four, I'm pretty sure they still have feeling for each other. And five, they make a cute couple. They also never fought, they always got along never were embarrassed of each other loved and cared for each other deeply. And really Jenna deserves better than Matty or Luke. Plus Matty has Eva, who he clearly never wants to break up with, but with Jenna, its like he never really loved her, it was like she was just the girl he only liked doing it with. And Jake loved her with or with out doing it with her. They are soul mates. Please consider having Jake and Jenna back together. If you don't ill just be watching the same episodes of them over and over and it would be a dream come true. Please put Jakenna back on the road.moreless