Ryan Starr





11/21/1982 , Sunland, California, USA

Birth Name

Tiffany Ryan Montgomery




Ryan Starr was discovered when she became a finalist on American Idol's Top Ten. She became an instant favorite to win; however she was the fourth contestant to be eliminated from the show. Her claim to fame on this hit show was her deep throaty voice, and her own clothing designs. Since then Ryan has scored the lead role in a world released movie: The Ring of Darkness. She is also currently starring in another movie: Vendetta. Ryan has appeared in two other reality shows since American Idol, The Surreal Life 3, and Battle of the Network Reality Stars. Although she has had numerous TV roles and appearances (CSI, What I like About You, That 70's Show;) Ryan hasn't forgotten about her singing career. Ryan has had numerous label offers from RCA, however Ryan did not accept, for she wanted complete control over her music. She released an iTunes exclusive single that sold an estimated 2,000 copies on its first day, breaking an iTunes record. She is currently recording an album, and will begin her Chinese tour in September. Rumors have it that Ryan is in talks with Lord and Taylor to release her highly anticipated fashion line, but none of these rumors have been substantiated. You will also be able to catch Ryan Starr on yet another TV show in November/December. Ryan hasn’t slowed down since American Idol, and continues to bring to the world her distinct rock style that made America fall in love with her.
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