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  • Ryan Starr was on the 1st season of American Idol. She was an early favorite to win, grabbing the highest number of votes to enter the top 10. Now Ryan is flying high, her iTunes exclusive single sold 2,000 copies in its first day, setting a new record, a

    Ryan Starr has an amazing voice, and a body to match, her musical style is rock, and her song writing capabillity is outstanding. Even though she was terrific, and a favorite to win on American Idol, Ryan Starr has only gotten better with time. Ryan Starr never won American Idol due to a family crisis, she could no longer go on, and left the show. She will always be remembered as the rocker who designed her own ripped clothing. Today, Kelly Clarkson and Ryan Starr are most likely the only success stories to come out of American Idol. Ryan Starr has appeared on The Surreal Life 3, Battle of the Network Stars, What I like About You, That 70's Show, and quite a large role on CSI. That isnt all folks, she has also starred in a world wide released movie: The Ring Of Darkness, in which she had the lead role. She is also filming yet another movie called: Vendetta. Ryan Starr is a singer, and a great one at that, her itunes exclusive single sold more than 2,000 copies on its first day, setting a new record. Currently she is recording an album. Ryan Starr is the only IDOL to ever tour outside of North America. She will begin her tour in China this September(2005.) Right now you can catch her in Bravo's Battle of the Network Stars, and she will also be starring in yet another TV show this November/December.Ryan Starr is now 22 and recently bought a house on the Santa Monica coastline in California. marks out of ten for Miss Starr 10.10