Ryan Stiles

Ryan Stiles


4/22/1959, Seattle, Washington

Birth Name

Ryan Lee Stiles


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Ryan Stiles, the youngest of five children was born in Seattle, Washington to Canadian parents. He grew up in a modest but loving environment provided by his mother, a homemaker, and his father, a supervisor at a Vancouver-based fish processing plant.When he was 10, his family moved to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Next to Colin Mochrie, my favorite improvist in "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

    My review on Ryan Stiles is based on what he's done in Whose Line Is It Anyway? as I have not gotten opportunities to see him star in the Drew Carey Show or Two and a Half Men, unfortunately. Based on my experience watching Whose Line, this guy is one of the best. His relationship with Colin on the show is great, and he's clever just like him as well. He's really hilarious. That doesn't give him enough credit, but there really aren't any words to describe how good he is. His specialty is his great Carol Channing impressions, and one of my favorite moments with him was doing an impression of Carol Channing, whose head gets stuck to everything, on a game of Party Quirks, and he ran his head into the light on Drew Carey's desk and broke it. That's just one of dozens of hundred funny things he does throughout his career. Drop out of high school early? So what? It just meant starting his great comedy career sooner, a benefit for all of us!moreless
  • the greatest improve comedian there is or ever was

    Ryan Stiles is just amazing! The sheer way his entire face can change in just seconds from being a toddler one minute to an adolescent to a young man to a middle aged man, and all that without even having a character to play. He can sing dance, spar and romance in circles around other players and act as if he's not even trying.There are those who say that he is gawky and gangly, but they haven't seen him in every light. He can be the most beautiful thing you ever laid eyes on if you only watch him once in the right light. I admire that he's a family man with one wife and three kids and that he really loves his part of the country and patonizes it. He has a few quirks that worry me but they endear him to me as he comes across as vulnerable and in need of love and respect from everyone. This is one little woman who really likes that big hunk of man.moreless