Ryan Toby

Ryan Toby


11/26/1978, Willingboro, New Jersey

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Ryan Toby


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Ryan Toby first met with RCA Records that were looking for young actors/singers for their upcoming project Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit. That lead him to get a princable role at the age of 16. On the soundtrack for the movie, he wrote the rap to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ryan was introduced to super producer Wyclef by his own bandmate, Lauryn Hill.

    • He has written for Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, Rueben Studdard, Joe, Amerie, New Edition, Ginuwine, Charlie Wilson, 112, Monica, Tyrese, Kevin Lyttle, Mario, Chris Brown, Darius Rucker(of Hottie and the Blowfish)and Sunshine Anderson.

    • He has a son with co-member of City High, Claudette Ortiz.

  • Quotes

    • Ryan Toby: Well, I've been influenced by Sam Cooke, Lionel Richie, people like that. But my style is that I don't have a style. I like to sound different on each track so that my CD doesn't sound like the same song to different music.

    • Ryan Toby: (Talks about his marriage)What we've found is the key to success (in the marriage) is to stay together at all times.That's how we've been so successful: staying together all the time.

    • Ryan Toby: (On Lionel Richie) The songwriting. He wrote timeless records that never died. And he always kept it clean. His style, his presence. He wasn't raunchy

    • Ryan Toby: (On Winter Clothes) I love wearing coats. I love wearing lots of clothes. I love to wear a wife-beater and then a T-shirt over that and then a vest over that and a big bubble goose over that nad then a skully hat, with earmuffs and big Timberlands. I like it slushy and nasty and stomping in my boots.

    • Ryan Toby: (On Michael Jackson) Mike was the reason why I got into this business. Where I lived, you had to moonwalk, and pop, and kick your leg. I even had the glitter socks and the glove. My homeboy had the Thriller jacket and the Beat It jacket. We were like a Michael Jackson gang. We'd run around smacking people with glitter gloves.