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  • Al Pacino ... Marlon Brando ... Ryan Winlsey. A truly great actor.

    I first came across Ryan when watching an episode of the Bill. I felt his naturalistic acting and charisma made him stand out. Since then I have always been on the look out for this remarkable young actor. His latest outstanding performance was in The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael, where he played a troubled British youth trying to find his place in a demanding society with diminutive help by his father. To compare Ryan to Pacino or De Nero would be unfair on Ryan as his abilities clearly exceed these. He was perfect in this shocking, edgy film and did not shrink from the more demanding scenes from the end which he made realistic and believable. I can't wait to see what his next role will be and I'm sure he will only improve on an already amazing last performance. Coupled with his striking looks, the handsome Winsley is a sure hit!

  • "the character he portrays is powerful and the presence on screen is similiar with Pacino and De Niro"

    In regards to Graham Coxton review, I was pleased to read the encouragement and support he has to offer and he is correct in describing Ryan Winsley as a very talented young man with a bright furture a head of him.

    However, and I quote \"If he could only aim a little higher\", with a minimal research I have discovered Mr Winsley has recently landed two starring roles in feature films.

    Firstly in the hugely excellent, \"The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmicheal\", where he plays a disturbed youth, the character he portrays is powerful and the presence on screen is similiar with Pacino and De Niro.

    Secondly in the film Crusade in Jeans, although currently filming at the moment i have high hopes for him.

    Mr Coxton a little bit more research please.