Ryne Sandberg

Ryne Sandberg


9/18/1959, Spokane, WA

Birth Name

Ryne Dee Sandberg



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  • Ryno is one of my all-time favorite baseball players in the Major Leagues. There is no other second baseman like him. If I could go back in time, I would watch a ballgame with Ryno playing.moreless

    It all began when I had received a Super Nintendo (NES) videogame, starring Ryne Sandberg. It was a fun game, despite the fact that none of the players in it were professional athletes. Then, I watched (in the 1990s) Chicago Cubs baseball on Superstation WGN in Chicago, when Harry Caray commentated all those baseball games. Holy Cow, I was hooked watching Sandberg play the game. I had always hoped that the Cubs would win a World Series title. Even when they weren't a winning team, I still enjoyed the Chicago Cubs.

    When 1994 came, Ryno (which is Sandberg's nickname) retired from the game for the first time, dealing with a painful divorce from his ex-wife. I was devastated back then (I was 13, when he retired). He came out of retirement (he re-married) in 1996, and played through 1997. Even though Ryno never played in the World Series, he did help the Cubs win two divisional titles. He also won nine golden glove awards, played in many all-star games, and he was an all-around nice guy (I do not recall him ever arguing with the umpires).

    I wish that I could have seen this man play, because he was a fine second baseman, and it was a delight to watch him play the game the way it was meant to be. In July, Ryno was inducted into the Hall of Fame on July 31, 2005, along with third baseman Wade Boggs. He is considered as one of my favorite athletes.moreless