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S Club 7 formed in late 1998 and soon began working on a TV Show of the same name. After the first season was done they recorded their debut album. The album was released after the first season ended. Throughout the next 4 years they release 3 more…more


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  • The girls were HOT!

    I have to say that the only song that I liked had to be "Never Had a Dream Come True". S Club 7 was a talented band, but I think they were basically a one hit wonder. That song was classic in terms of the 90's and in pop, but I can't recall any of their other songs that were at all successful. The reason I liked them was the girls. They were all hot and I have to say that was the primary reason I didn't rate them a little lower. Good grief, they were drop dead gorgeous. Overall, they knew what they were doing. Thank you.moreless
  • These girls and guys in my opinion are not big enough!!!

    S Club 7 had meaningful music, and that is what I liked about them. Most people may say they suck or something, but I love them. Anybody who can make songs mean so much that it relates to someone's life is too cool in my book. All of there songs were great, and some of the ones that everybody loved are Never Had A Dream Come True, Have You Ever, and Two In A Million. Some of my personal favorites were Perfect Christmas, Show Me Your Colours, Gonna Change The World, Cross My Heart, Love Train, and Hope For The Future. The words alone are talented and creative. If only everyone in music had songs as meaningful as theirs. Don't get me wrong, there are good ones like The Fray, All-American Rejects, and Nickelback, but not everybody has good talent.moreless