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Scott Bullock, S. Bullock, Scott Bullock
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    • S. Scott Bullock: (about when he first decided to get into voice acting) Voice acting found me. I was and am just a regular actor. Been performing in plays and such since I was a little kid. Then the first agent I got had a big voiceover department and they started submitting me. I started getting parts and the rest is history as they say. Now, regardless of what anyone may tell you, voice acting is the most difficult type of acting there is. Stage actors and film actors have their whole bodies to use to convey an emoting or feeling or movement. All voice actors have to work with is the spoken word. So you have to put A LOT into your voice. It is difficult, but very, very rewarding.

  • S.Scott Bullock plays dash baxter on the hit and most awsome cartoon ever danny phantom!

    he plays dash baxter on danny phantom! he is a awsome person, he makes everyone in the danny phantom studios laugh, like here is one of his quoutes "holy, sweat socks, danny fenturd is danny phanturd?" he makes everyone laugh! he is very cool,laid back kind of person, he plays a stupid character who cant apparently pass a spelling test in danny phantom , but he is so gullable like cosmo!!!! dash and cosmo are somwhat alike if your comparing them to who has more brains!!!!hahahah lol! anyway he is a cool person.he dose a great job as dash!LOL!moreless