Saaphyri Windsor

Saaphyri Windsor


Los Angeles, California

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Saaphyri first became famous when she got into a fight with another girl over a bed on Flavor of Love 2. This lead to her being eliminated before eliminations. She has appeared on two Tyra Banks episodes that had to do with racism. After Flavor of Love 2,…more


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  • Saaphyri

    Saaphyri was best known as the girl on Flavor of Love 2. Who got into a fight with another girl. Over bed at 1st I thought she was crazy. But then she came on Flavor of Love Girls:Charm School. And I seen Saaphyri is a nice person after she told Mo'Nique. Why she got into a fight over the bed I understood her. After Saaphyri's dad passed away she lost everything. And felt she had to fight for what is hers. And the bed she felt was her bed at that time. Saaphyri has proved to me she is a kind women who will help her friends. Like she helped Becky from leaving Charm School. I rate Saaphyri a 8.6!moreless
  • She really has improved herself over the time we've seen her!

    Saaphyri got instantly expelled off Flavor of Love because she got into a fight with a girl over a bed. Most of you might think she was overreacting, but once she explained herself, it made more since. Then she got a second chance on the reality show Charm School, and we got to see a very different side of her! We got to see that she really was caring and giving. also, that she will stand up for herself when needed. So I'm very glad that she has gotten this far, and if Leilene doesn't win, I hope she does. I just don't want Shay to!moreless